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pycopaste iphone, ipad and mac clipboard app

Make copy pasting a breeze on your Apple devices

Pycopaste is a clipboard manager for iOS and MacOS to keep track of your copied items.

Packed with features

background clipboard monitoring

MacOS & iOS

Background monitoring

Automatically monitors your clipboard from background. No need to open the app to manually save clips.

clipboard window in mac menu


Menu bar window

Quickly access your saved clips on from your Mac status menu icon or from a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

custom clipboard keyboard


Custom Keyboard

Access your iPhone clipboard history in any app using the custom keyboard integration.

privacy lock

MacOS & iOS

Privacy by design

Your clipboard history is stored locally on your device or your private iCloud. No one except you can access it.

pycopaste widget for recent items



Your recently copied items is just a glance away with homescreen widgets.

pycopste clipboard shortcuts integration

MacOS & iOS

Shortcuts Integration

Create powerful workflows by accessing your Pycopaste data from Shortcuts.

And even more..

Organise your history

Categories management declutters your workspace, making retrieval as effortless as a flick of the wrist.

iCloud Sync

Access your clips anywhere, anytime on all your Apple devices with secure synchronisation via iCloud.

Biometric Protection

Lock your sensitive clips using Face ID or Touch ID to keep them away from prying eyes.

Spotlight Integration

Quickly find your saved items using the standard Spotlight search without even opening the app.

Rich Previews

Visualise information generated from website links, file icons or image thumbnails.

Trash Support

Deleted something by mistake? No more mourning the loss of precious text. Retrieve what you deleted & carry on.

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Anthony Bouchard

Pycopaste is a powerful multi-platform clipboard manager with streamlined features.


Maham Rafiq

Pycopaste is a universal clipboard manager for your Apple devices.                        



Pycopaste: um app incrível que supre uma grande carência do iOS                       

Love the app and the features. I never thought of using a clipboard app, however i've already found so many uses for my business and personal use.

Don Roycraft